The divider of shadow and light

“The sunshine of the shortened day, soon going away, as the darkness from the other side of the fence, will be there in a moment no less, giving us once again, a long, cold and dark night, as such is the season we are living in” Gun Roswell

The divider of shadow and light

It was still somewhat of light, not really that bright, alas, it was a great sight, as there were finally shadows, when previously there had been only darkness in place. But this precious moment was delivered in the middle of somewhat torment not being able to really see, the path ahead, as all had been in the total darkness for a long while, and that was nothing to cause a smile.

Alas, this day was totally different, as the divider of the shadow and light had finally won the fight, the dark side, slowly but surely reseeding, and the light side gaining the control it really needed as do we all, as having a glimpse of hope, the light growing ever so strong, each and every day, and knowing this fact it was only a matter of a short while before all of us, would be out there in the light with huge big grinning smiles.

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