Crisscross across the lake, because it’s late

”The sun is setting, because the moon is finally letting, exhausted from all that shining and so, without too much whining, going to sleep, for the night” Gun Roswell 

Crisscross across the lake, because it’s late

The small lakeside, getting much more darker each passing moment, being almost like torment, for those wanting nothing more than all that  light of the day, there for all of the night to stay.

But, it was hardly possible, to sustain all that light, especially during the ever darkening night, and so, another kind of workaround was devised, that of artificial light, with an on and off switch, on its very side.

And so, even if most of them did adore and worship the sun and it’s bright light, they had come to terms with the fact, that the dark night, would be their continued plight, it was still all fine, as now, they could simply switch on, a brand new light, not as bright, but still totally fine.

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