There is coffee in the pot

“There should always be coffee ready and waiting, especially for those who simply cannot get through the day without this fine organic suspension ever made” Gun Roswell

There is coffee in the pot

The coffee made ready for all those thirsty ones, who can always appreciate a really good cup, no matter whether with milk or even sugar, or perhaps cold, as some of them might be so totally bold and also daring to drink from the coffee pot, even if the machine had turned off a long while ago.

And for those brave souls, who would drink the somewhat stale liquid, without even one blink of the eye, will later be rewarded, with a fresh pot of the hot stuff, which will make the weakest of the spoons melt as soon as the hollow object will be introduced into the cup where the substance is poured into, and it would be such a sin too, to late any single drop go to waste.

So, drink up, whether cold or hot, the coffee being poured into the cup, from the large container gently known as a pot, and should you find the pot empty at any point in time, simply make sure to fill it with water and grains and then put it on a fiery frame, as the pot should never be kept empty.

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