Winter Tales 1

“The frozen landscape is pretty, when looking from behind the window in a nice and warm place”
Gun Roswell

Winter Tales 1

When the temperatures hit below zero degrees
Celsius not the other kind though, then it all freezes
The cold seizing it all, soul, body and even the floor
If you stick your nose out the door
It will surely make you sneeze, because of all the cold
But there is a sense of adventure
If you into the great snowy white want to venture
Just remember to bundle yourself up
In warm clothing, all way to the nose stuck
Grab a pair of old school skis
And into the great wide open you’ll leave
Don’t forget the apparatus for snapping memories
Those will last way beyond, when the winter soon enough flees
For with this type of warming on the loose
You might be stumbling into water filled with geese

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