Sugar rush!


“Sweet spice of sugar, how I love the taste on my buds, such sweet nectar!” Gun Roswell

Sugar rush!

Oh, so pleasantly colourful
Exceptionally made to be completely alluring
Never mind, that it’s all totally and highly addictive
All that sweet, sweet sugar, poured all over and everywhere
Cannot help, but stop and stare!

What to do, what to do?
Should I someone possibly sue?

Absolutely not!
Because these things are so totally hot
Ready to be consumed by the lot!

I am so utterly confused, but maybe in a good way…
Oh hell, can anyone tell
If I try just one, a tiny little sample?
Why oh why is this all happening to me?

Is there any place I can this beautiful sight to flee?

Oh come on!
Just go ahead and eat it all up, honey!

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