Autumn morning in Suburbia

“It’s too early and way too dark and I cannot see much of anything! So, guess it must be, a November morning!“ Gun Roswell

Autumn morning in Suburbia

Very early, in the morning hours, after, a very quick shower
Looking outside, my window, and here, is what I do know:

It’s the very month of November now, the year gone by, so very fast
I hardly had the time, to really look around, and then it was already past
The moment, and already, the new year soon knocking, at my door
And I had not even bought, any kind of presents, from the store
Because the tradition demanded, that of a celebration, at the turning
Of a new leaf of this so called life, we are supposed to have been living
But, as I turn to take a good look outside, and the similar view I see
Each day, seemingly the same, all year round, except now, it is less green
I know the clock is ticking, and slowly but surely each day, is changing
The view now so familiar to me, but, soon will turn to something completely
Different, and then again, I will be here no more, to watch all the seasons
As they continue their ever lasting rotation, outside this same window
The circle of life some say, and hey, that’s just fine, but then one day
I would really like to stop the time, and take a really good look, anyway

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