Peeking into a paradise, of sorts

“When you finally get to glimpse to the paradise you have so long dreamed of, well, it might not be exactly what you thought it would be, or maybe, it is?” Gun Roswell

Peeking into a paradise, of sorts

The curtain slowly rising from the spot I was doing my spying from, into the one place I was promised to have a glimpse of, the very specific place someone else might call, a paradise, eden, or any other kind of endearing name. But whatever you might call it, it is the very one you may want, your eternity to spend in. And once you find it, you may never want to leave the place, even if you were promised only to have a quick glance, a peek of what might be waiting for you, once the journey you are now on, is completed. 

So, why not enter that place right now you may ask? Well, as we all know, nothing is meant to last, not the path we are on and maybe not even the end goal. So, for now, maybe it is enough, to get that one small glimpse into the future which might be there waiting, before you can go back to the daily life you are living until it is time to get inside that promised paradise. So, do put on that smile, as even if it takes a while, you still have a place in the so called paradise you seek.

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