Two cherries on top

“Two is better than one, right? I mean as far as the consumables go? Berries of red, you know? Cherries? Tow of them? Anyone?” Gun Roswell

Two cherries on top

Feeling hungry again? In desperate need of some tasty treats?
Perhaps for some of that sweet, sweet nutrition to fill that lurking greed?
Then maybe there is something to offer to what you totally seek?
Right up there, in that very place of such lush greens and some even red tree?
Can you really not see? Up there right at your short arms reach?
It’s all paid for by Mother Nature, you know, so it’s absolutely and totally free!

So now, what you need to do, is just take it as it is:
Make the effort and pick out few, even more of the juicy ones to chew or a few more
Because these are the kinds of berries you cannot find in any kind of store
Then, pick that perfect place, preferably in some quite corner in the shade
Lift up your now tired feet to a position which looks and feels quite neat
Then pick up a cherry, one at the time, as you want them to last for a while
And once you are filled with all them goodies, you can enjoy life and maybe even smile

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