The beach blues

“There is nothing worse than getting the blues when on the beach, or is that really bad?” Gun Roswell

The beach blues

Blues skies, blue waters, blue mountains covered in blue haze, blue parasols for the shade and beach towels to lay on, with blue boats gently lulling on the blue waves. There is nothing else to be seen for miles on end, at the beach where the blue hues are the dominant colour of the day. But hey, it could be worse as singing the blues on a street corner because you could not access the calming blue waters, well, that is something to sing about. But for now, the only song to be sung, is the praise of this blue place of fun, where the only other colour found, is the beige sand laid out on the ground. The midst of the summer, nothing can be a total bummer, even if all this blue up and till the horizon where a blue moon at night will be rising, will be the cause of the blues with all of the views? Alas, it is all the good kind which will make you smile as you have totally caught, the beach blues.

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