About summer

“Something about summer… I just can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something definitely different about it” Gun Roswell

About summer

The summer time, seemingly fine with all the changes to the land and nature, the weather different from the wintery cold kind of torture. But there is just something totally different out there, in the garden, in the fields, something you don’t very often see, when the snow covers most of the ground. Something so uplifting and colourful, the smells alone, will warm your heart and soul. 

There is something about summer, which will most likely not be a bummer, despite the overly high temperatures and the mostly missing rain. But when looking out the window, the abundance of green colours in the trees and the grass on the ground, well, what can you say? It’s completely different to the white snow during the other months there to be found. 

So guess, for now, despite the negatives, I am enjoying this, simple time, where most of the clothing is even optional, with sense of course and then take small walks into the nature around my homestead and merge myself to the colours of all those blooming things and maybe even try a small ditty to sing?

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