Flora and the Leaves

“The flowers in the garden sure are blooming right now” Gun Roswell

Flora and the Leaves

Leaves of purest greens, so totally slender and and sleek. Some of them looking nourished and clean. While others are eaten and filled with holes, most likely done by the feasting bugs and worms. But, no matter their status, they all have a past. Even if not from a very long time ago and their existence will not that long last. Still, for this very moment, they are standing tall and strong in the summer’s warmth, bathing in the rays deserved by all.

Swaying gently with the soft winds lulling them during the days longer. Only waiting for a flyby bug or a small bird deciding to stop on the branch for a brief sing while flapping their wings. Looming gently over the small buds of a flowers to be, which hide beneath these protective sleeves until such time when they sprout out in the air and looking for their fair share, of admiration. And all this simply because the green coloured armours have shielded their growth until the day they are strong enough to come out and make their way towards the skies just like those leaves did before them and now, it is time for the backstage.

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