The end of summer

“Sadly, it has come to this, as it is the end of summer, even if it might have been somewhat of a bummer this year” Gun Roswell

The end of summer

The heatwave, which was cursed in so many ways, has now finally ended, after a long time having spent on this land of those who either it loved or hated. And thus leaving room, for the cold and rain, which in some ways, will wash away the left over pain. 

After a long time of praying, for some kind of relief from the heat, it looks like we have jumped right from that state to a monsoon like plane. The pouring of the rain keeps on going day after day, but if it is good for the hay, then maybe it’s good for the rest of us.

Being totally sad but also glad in a way, as even if the summer has come and gone, and not much of it was really enjoyed as there was really no way in getting around, still, mourning is not on the agenda, not today at least, as that fears beast of thunder, keeps on rumbling.

There will be another one, most likely next year, summer that is. And so, for now, whatever weather comes along next, the snow even, guess I won’t be doing too much of complaining? Not making any promises though as it might be a fall slow and complaining, well that is me, really!

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