The Moon again

“La Luna, The Moon, La Lune, Kuu, the sacred child has many names, and who can blame, it’s picture perfect the way she hangs out there in the night sky” Gun Roswell

The Moon again

She hangs there again, with her many friends. The stars. They are like some sort of a celestial gang. A tough one at that. But they only come out at night. Well, mostly. As I have seen them sometimes too, when there is light. But mostly, she and her posse seem to be nocturnal. And why do I know this? Well, you see, I keep a journal. Not that I’m a stalker, no far from it. I just like the shape of her, the craters, the dust, the overall sensation of mystery. After all, there is only so much you can see, while peeping through a telescope. But the best of it, is what is not visible, the dark side. As she totally has one. Something she will never reveal to us mere mortals. At least until we get a spaceship out there and then all of us can stare at the revelation. Still, I prefer to live in the fantasy, going beyond reality. Imagining only all those magical things she is hiding from us now. And that is how, she is still, the favourite.

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