The red lady bug

“The red coloured bug looks mighty snug seated on the leaf” Gun Roswell

The red lady bug

In the middle of summer,, all kinds of loud hummers will fly you by
But the one most likely candidate which will surely make you smile
Is the one born in the bright red colour and a dozen dots on its back
And that simple fact, makes this tiny bug, one of the most prettiest
It’s not just out of a jest, that this red one wins the buggy contest
Simply look at it, the perfection of its armoury, as it looks quite adoring
A true winner of miss nature, being one of the prettiest of bug creatures
So, giving the kudos and crown toggle one whom one the great title
Even if it was simply sitting pretty, posing for the camera set on idle
So, do salute the red clad lady bug, whenever you might her closely pass
Sitting pretty on a flower or a long lush green leaf for the duration of summer
And do hurry, as this pretty thing, can only be seen during the long months
Of warmth and fun, May, June, July and August, maybe even longer
Depending whether the weather might remain mildly warmer in the fall

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