The vibrancy of the season 

“The vibrant colours of the season have come to life just as it’s about that time, when we start turning to winter’s cover of white” Gun Roswell 

The vibrancy of the season 

The leaves are slowly turning from the lush greens to the mellow yellows, perky oranges and those on the more fiery side of red. And the intent is less to shock but rather to make all those  onlookers flock, in awe and admiration, of the pallet of nuances and differences on those various leaves, on bushes and trees, even the odd flowery stem, receiving a much more colourful hem, than existed in the summer, as Mother Nature is continuing the tie dying task of the materials all out there willingly joining in the project, as it is all part of the process in the change, from summer, to fall and to the last step of it all, the winter season when the white blanket finally covers it all. But for this moment, all of the participants will be holding the special coatings on, the multitude of colours and their accompanying odours will be the centre piece of the show in progress. The flashing lights and clicking of shutters the sounds heard all around as the audiences new found interest is no less, this autumn time out there in nature on this blue sphere.

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