Be a cupcake

“If you want to be one, then just be whom ever you want to be, even a cupcake!” Gun Roswell 

Be a cupcake

If you don’t feel like being ordinary, bring just like everyone else, just like the out of the box version of every single fellow human walking the streets, then perhaps, you are on a quest for something quite different, something unique and the perfect thing which will you most certainly separate yourself from the rest of everyone else.

And once you have decided, not that it is written in stone and it needs to be the one permanent decision for the rest of your life, then no, as you can try several more on for size, before you even have to decide, and be advised, there are so many great options out there, so do, go out there and explore until you find what you seek.

 And so, whatever you want to become, is there for the taking, and do forget all that hating, because those doing it, are simply jealous because they are not able or willing to choose this exceptional experience, of being something else, even for a moment, if only for a fantasy try.

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