Life Block (as we know it)

“There is nothing worse than an obstacle, which cannot be removed from hindering continuation on the chosen path” Gun Roswell

Life Block (as we know it)

I am buried deep in the deepest of voids, so deep I cannot see the light, as I feel like I am locked inside, my very own mind, the life as I know it does not matter, as I am unable into it tether

The daily grind on the automatic, simple as that, as leat it is all static, less frantic but almost a fanatic, of how the must to do, pushes on

Eat, work, sleep, repeat… the cycle goes on, feeling defeated

Without an ending in sight, the once ever present fight, now lost, somewhere in the hassle of it all, as not even time here wants to stall, ticking away in a fast pace

The block, tightly locked, therefore, the loop keeps on repeating, like a mouse in its small wheel, I do time steal, only away from myself

The not moving on, again trying to explain, yeah, it’s that same supposed block, which keeps on preventing all else and so I am depending on holding onto that stopping block of a thing

Because maybe, I don’t even want to move on?

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