Boats, ships and other vessels, past their use?

“Boats of different sizes and shapes, are put to pasture, as they had all their lives slain and now to rest laid” Gun Roswell

Boats, ships and other vessels, past their use?

When the time, has finally come
In which the daily work, is all done
Time to lay to the final rest
Where ever the place suited best
The vessels once sea worthy
Hauled up to the dry land dirty

But this, does not mean the end
No, far from it, even if it sometimes is just pretend

Because being out of their natural element
Does so many other options present
The imagination of refurbishing only limit
Hey, let’s just play on which ever gimmick!

Maybe a home for the artist?
The layout, most likely not the smartest
Still a change of the usual house
Because they wanted something other to be of proud
A flower pot quite large
To the back of the small house’s yard?

Nothing is impossible to pull
Of the re-usage of the vessels smart and dull
It’s just a matter of letting the ideas flow
Put that old boat at the back of the car and haul
What ever the use will be, wait and see
Just make sure to give a new home!

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