A view from the stern of the boat

“The setting sun left behind, the bow set towards the night, sailing across the high seas, to the pending darkness, but for now, the warmth of the shiny ball is still on our backs“ Gun Roswell

A view from the stern of the boat

The splashing waves causing ripples onto the water’s surface, the sunny rays reflected, without a real purpose, but it does not make it any less appealing, watching the powerful waves, on display, as the boat keeps on moving along, following a set trail, with the sails in full, the blowing winds giving the power needed, to the forward momentum, otherwise the ores would be needed, the manpower alone currently on board, too little to do the deed, thankfully though, Mother Nature has given the means, and so, to her graces we lean, taking us to new lands beyond the horizon, the day ending on this vista, but the next, might just give us more, shiny suns across the board, the blue skies and warm winds, that might just be the score.

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